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The Bands & Bios 2019


Join Us in Welcoming this years line-up for Gladstonebury3.


This years line up takes us to a more family friendly feel good day, with tons of great talent and amazing music and songs. This is truly grass roots and an event you'll be talking about for years to come. 


Four musicians from eclectic musical backgrounds came together in the world’s coolest little capital to form Nation; the Soul/Funk outfit that people New Zealand wide have come to know and love. Performing with an irresistible energy on stage, and seamlessly melding genres in the creation of their hip shaking, toe tapping original material, this is a show not to be missed.


Nation features the soaring vocals of Miharo Gregory, Dhanesh Parmar's grooving basslines, the intricate guitar work of Ngarewa Reid, all bound together by the rhythmic foundations of Marcus Gurtner.


The result is a broad, and undeniably exciting sonic experience that is sure to get you grooving, and that will have you humming Nation’s trademark upbeat and catchy songs long after they have left the stage.

Looking For Alaska

Looking For Alaska are a folk-pop trio from Hamilton, New Zealand.


Members Aaron Gott and Amy Maynard offer up a sound rooted in country-style guitar and soaring harmonies woven together at their very fibre, intensified by their on-stage chemistry.


The pairs familiarity, closeness and authenticity is fuelled by their real-life romance, creating a magnetic performance style that captivates their audience time and time again.


Joined by loveable underdog Stephen Daniell on the bass, the trio perform their genre bending original music, ranging from thigh-slapping, foot-stomping folk sing-alongs, to poignant heart-rending ballads drenched in melancholy; served up with a healthy dose of onstage banter on the side. They will make you laugh then move you to tears, possibly at the same time!

Check out the sounds here lookingforalaskanz.bandcamp.com/

Formidable Vegetable

Possibly the only band in the world promoting permaculture principles, ecological resilience and climate-change adaptation through dance music, Western Australia’sFormidable Vegetable are the world’s most unique experiment in ‘ecological electrofunk-swing’. With high-energy live shows consisting of glitchy bass-beets, swingin-ukulele, soaring strings and hyperactive horns, this act has only one goal: to pound simple solutions for sustainability deep into your consciousness in the funkiest way possible!


With their music permeating every corner of the globe from Glastonbury Festival to the headquarters of the United Nations over the past six years, Formidable Vegetable is paving the way towards simple solutions to some of the worlds’ biggest problems with their special brand of positive musical activism. They are a favourite on the Australian and international festival circuits, having played many times at Woodford Folk Festival (Queensland), Rainbow Serpent (Victoria), Luminate (NZ), BOOM Festival (Portugal), Shambhala (Canada), Symbiosis (USA), Boomtown (UK) and more, alongside acts such as Radiohead, Fat Freddy’s Drop and The Rolling Stones.

Mal Webb, Charlie Mgee & Kylie Morrigan. Photo: Marc Jaschok

Realising that music is one of the best tools for bringing about cultural change, Formidabel Vegetable frontman, Charlie Mgee has dedicated his musical mission to composing singin’ tunes on a ukulele abut plants, peak-oil and permaculture – among other things – with the intenton of inspiring us to create the kind of sustainable world we want to live in, starting with our own frontyards. Joining him is Mal Webb on slide trumpet & trombone and Kylie Morrigan on violin & backing vocals.

For a glimpse of what Formidable Vegetable will be bringing to Gladstonebury click on the link below


Andrew London Trio

‘Let’s Talk About Me’, ‘I Hugged My Mate’, ‘Middle Aged Man in Lycra’ - The titles say it all. Andrew London's quirky and whimsical songs reflect mainstream culture with gentle irreverence, and playfully lampoon many of society's obsessions and taboos.


Themes run the gamut from rugby fans, driving habits, youth culture and weddings to male insecurities, technophobia, household appliances, pretentious socialites, and various other issues of concern to the average middle-aged, middle-class Antipodean baby-boomer.

Delivery is wrapped in an easy-going and accessible 1940s-era ‘Hot Club Swing’ package, with occasional sallies into folk, blues and jazz; and the trio’s spontaneous banter holds the show together with stories that draw the audience in and set up the songs.

Woodwind exponent Nils Olsen contributes saxophone, clarinet and vocals, while the bass chair is occupied by Kirsten London, who also renders standards lifted from the Doris Day and Peggy Lee songbooks.


The Frank Burkitt Band are delighted to be performing at Gladstonebury as part of their 30 date 'Lost but Alive' NZ Tour.


Frank is a story teller, songwriter, singer and guitarist. In that order. His rambling anecdotes aim to give the audience more of a connection with his songs. A folk songwriter at his core, American roots music with hints of jazz, blues and swing very much shape his music.

When he relocated to Wellington from Edinburgh with his partner and backing vocalist Kara Filbey, he formed The Frank Burkitt Band, with blues and country mandolin player Cameron Burnell and jazz double bassist James Geluk. This mix of styles and genres gives their show unique variety, alongside tight knit harmonies and well crafted arrangements.

They will be joined by the irrepressible talents of Oscar Laven, a one man horn section and stalwart of the Wellington jazz scene.

You can check out the band here: www.frankburkitt.co.nz/videos

2019 will see The Frank Burkitt Band embark on the longest tour of their lives. From January - June, they intend to take their music all around New Zealand, Australia and the UK. Yes, they are quite ambitious and slightly unhinged. They will be releasing a new live EP to coincide with their touring adventures.


With an opera singing mother and a folk/classic rock loving father, Jess' musical influences have always been varied and diverse. Her soulful voice exudes emotion and traverses the styles of jazz and folk as she tells stories and takes you on journeys with her songs. With just a guitar to support her instrumentally,the harmonies and musical phrasings that she creates are truly mesmerising.


In mid  2018 Jess gave up the comforts of full time work to focus on being successful as a solo artist. Her debut EP will be released in early 2019 and Gladstonebury will be one of many gigs coming up in Jess’s journey.


Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jessdeaconmusic/

Instagram @jessicaclairewithflair


Extract from TE WIKI O TE REO MĀORI | By Kahu Kutia | Sep 14 2018

Rei is settled. There is no existential crisis about whether te reo belongs in a rap song. The language is our treasure, and we have a right to use it as we wish. But Rei also spoke about how you can feel whakamā, or embarassed, when you aren’t a confident speaker. Most people who speak te reo didn’t learn it as a first language; it can be a point of cultural insecurity because the words don’t just roll off your tongue. “I was pretty whakamā about the whole thing really, about putting this out. There were probably a few hapa, a few mistakes, in my reo in the songs and everything like that. It was sort of mental thing for me to overcome that. Coming from a university te reo background you worry quite a lot about the grammar and te tika o te reo. If you come from kura kaupapa school you don't worry so much about that, you just worry about letting it flow.”

Rei says that the music he’s creating is still controversial to some people. Not only to those who don’t support our language, but also to Māori traditionalists. Rei uses te reo to create a space for him to express himself. When your language has been taken away from you, the process of repatriating that language in your world can be hard but incredibly healing. But it has also invited others to question the authenticity of his high-production-value sound.

In the Māori world, ‘rangatira’ represents someone who is highly respected within an iwi or hapū. I asked Rei why he chose this name. “It’s called Rangatira because my label is called CHIEF Sound. This kaupapa I go back to in my music a lot. The idea of rangatiratanga and encouraging other people to be chiefs of their own environments and take control of their own futures... It’s more about leading yourself. I’m not trying to be a chief of anyone but myself.”

To check out what Rei is bringing to Gladstone this year go to https://soundcloud.com/musicbyrei


Extract from 30 MAY 2018 // A REVIEW BY DARRYL BASER

Ripple Effect hail from the North Island of New Zealand, Palmerston North to be exact, and are best described as an uplifting 8-piece reggae band. This fresh band has just released a couple of incredible singles on Spotify

Ripple Effect is comprised of former students of the Contemporary Music Certificate and Diploma courses at UCOL in Palmerston North. The group was formed in 2016 and has gone through a line-up change earlier this year, growing from a three-piece to a six-piece ensemble.


Serene Sensation has an unmistakable New Zealand Reggae groove; it's a solid well-constructed track, with all the traditional rhythmic accents which make Reggae music what it is. With lyrics that flow harmoniously together, this would be the perfect road-trip song.


Ripple Effect’s second single is Peace Love and Harmony is a bilingual beauty, sung in both English and Te Reo. While it cruises along in the traditional Reggae shuffle of around 80 beats per minute, it also has a fantastic ska middle section which completely lifts the song and shows that this particular track could really go off live.It still astounds me the effect that Robert Nesta (Bob) Marley's visit to Aotearoa had on this country’s music, from the Herbs to the 12 Tribes of Israel, Te Mokai in Gisborne, House of Shem, and more recently Inati in Dunedin, and now Ripple Effect. With these two singles, Ripple Effect have shown that they can hold their own against some of the country's greatest Reggae bands.Ripple Effect has supported acts such as AdeazeHouse of ShemTomorrow People and Grammy Award Winning American Artist - Mya, as well as performing locally in the Access Manawatu Sounds of Summer concerts and various other concerts.


Vocal adventurer, multi-instrumentalist and looping beatboxing songwriter Mal sings his brain provoking songs using all sorts of vocal techniques, guitar, mbira, slide trumpet, trombone, chromatic harmonica and a loop recording pedal called Derek. And Kylie (who's played with Orchestra Victoria and the likes of Stevie Wonder and Barry White!) provides violin and voice in a perfect balance to Mal's nutsness. Their arrangements are intricate and playful. Imagine Einstein, Dr Seuss and Paganini making pancakes.

See them performing on the Youtube clips below. 


Photo by Dominic Hook http://domhook.com

East of Queen is a deeply soulful musician, who will take you on an emotional journey through her expressive tones and poetic lyrics.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, she fills her songs with observations on love, hardships, and both the light and darkness of life. Bracingly honest, East of Queen draws inspiration from a variety of artists including Ben Howard, Leon and Matt Corby, and her distinctive voice tells her stories in an engaging way that connects and draws the listener in.

Her chilled pop vibe mixed with a slight blues/R&B sound not only allows for contemplation, but also grooving rhythms and catchy hooks that will, at times, have the whole room singing along. 
With new music on the way at the beginning of 2019, this is one artist you should definitely be keeping an eye on.

See her performing on the Youtube clips below. 



Hemi Walker is a soulful singer/songwriter who has been working on his craft for the past five years.

Performing his own music to crowds up and down the North Island, his storytelling lyrics mixed with his soulful and heartfelt voice is known to bring a smile and even tears to his audiences faces.


Let his music take you on a journey no doubt at least one of his songs will resonate with you. 

See him performing on the Youtube clip below. 




Ghost Who Walks is Sam Fowles, he is usually backed by his funk, rock, blues band. With a tight rhythm section, groove that will make you move; soaring leads, funky riffs and soulful vocals they have a clear vision "make music that moves the body and touches the soul".

The Wellington born guitarist, singer/songwriter finds himself a fusion of his inspirations wowing audiences with electrifying live sets.

Sam will be performing as part of an acoustic duo at this year's Gladstonebury.

See the band performing on the clip below.